How to Start Saving Money on Air International Travel Tickets – Don’t Pay More Than You Have To!

If you are like me you have a lot of friends and family living outside your country. I am constantly searching for cheap discount airfare international tickets. Travel Agencies have insane prices, airlines never have flights available and if you find any kind of online international travel deals they are gone within minutes. There has got to be a way to find cheap Europe flights and cheap Asia flights.One day during my searching for a cheap fly ticket, I was excited to find something that was very interesting. It was an e Book called My Airfare Secrets. As I read on, I thought WOW! This is a big time travel saver. It was giving fantastic tips on how to get international travel deals.The author was an ex-employee of a major airline company. So he is a reliable source and knows all the ins and outs of how to get international travel deals. My Airfare secrets even offered information on how to get flight and hotels packages for great prices. The international travel tips that this e Book shared were definitely different from anything I have ever read before. That is when I realized these were insider secrets.I have used some of these travel techniques and they do work. I saved over $200 on my international fares the first time I booked a flight abroad. There are a boat load of international travel tips that anyone can use and apply anywhere around the world right inside of My Airfare Secrets.

Free International Travel Guides – The Best For Where You’re Going

Ah, the age of information… nowadays folks are binging on information, yet starving for knowledge. Rather than wade through countless websites in search of solid advice, I’ve done the leg work for you by compiling the best free international travel guides out there today. The format of online guides differ from their tangible counterparts; where a book must include information you need before and during your trip, online travel guides provide the ability to get exactly what you need, when you need it.Several times I have used an online guide book, and merely printed (or jotted down in my notebook) the most important info for the next few days. Here’s my list of the best free international travel There is no single source for travelers to Southeast Asia better than Travelfish. Loaded with easy to navigate information on the entire region, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore, Travelfish covers all the travelers’ needs. The forum is really well done, and you can expect a high level experience from those who respond to your questions. Most of the information is free, and they do offer e-guides for each country at roughly $5 (a true bargain).Lonley Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum. Very much like the forum on Travelfish, but with global coverage. I’m a firm believer that guide books are generally outdated by the time they hit the press, and it’s important to get from the road advice from someone who is there. Visa requirements change, roads are closed, violence happens…don’t get caught unprepared. Forums also provides advice you’ll never find in a guidebook, either: the need for bribes, history of violence, etc. These are important considerations in the real world that most publications (and governments) tend to gloss over.Lonley Planet. Though they haven’t implemented it, LP has come up with the brilliant notion of offering a “pay as you go” program where you can choose portions of a guide book and pay for that part only. Keep an eye out on their website for the release There are many international travel guides available on this site, and one could spend a lifetime searching through their network. A really good network for travelers, with independent travel blogs for a more personal approach.These three are far and away the best online source for free international travel guides, and I suggest you research your destination with these both prior to and during your trip.