Why Education Is Extremely Important

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. It is a must for every human being, no matter which part of the world he belongs to. It is the basis of creating a civilized society. Literacy and education are two different things. Being literate means to be able to read and write, while education offers the ability to reason. Every country invests a great deal in making its citizens educated. Education helps a person in earning a better living, living a luxurious life and become a better human being. After food, clothing and shelter, education has become a necessity for every society.Educated citizens form the backbone of every growing economy. Following points highlight the importance of education in an individual’s life:- Education helps in building a better society – Man is called a social animal. Education teaches him a lot of things like rules, regulations, basic etiquette and ways to behave with others. It helps in building a society of civilized people working for the benefits of each other. Educated citizens can differentiate between what is right and wrong. They are aware of their fundamental rights and duties and follow laws governing the country.- It helps in earning a better living – Good quality education is must for a person to earn himself a high paying job. If you own a business, being educated helps you to think about new ways to take your business forward. Education offers you financial independence and helps you to afford a luxurious life.- It helps in contributing to the nation’s Economy – Education plays a very important role in taking the economy forward. An educated and economically independent society is an asset to every country.- It Brings Confidence – Education helps in building self-confidence. It not only gives you the ability to take informed decisions but also helps in communicating thoughts to others in a better and effective way.- It increases Reasoning Ability – The biggest benefit that education brings is to help people reason against the illogical. It helps in fighting against the superstitions that uneducated people otherwise follow blindly. Educated people can think rationally and make arguments based on scientific reasoning. It keeps you aware of the latest happenings and developments around the world and helps in keeping pace with the evolving technology. It gives you better understanding of the things happening around youBeing educated helps you feel happy from within. It keeps you free from inferiority complexes and gives a better understanding of the world. Education is the key to achieve success in every aspect of life.

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